2021 Year In Review

Year in Review

Looking back at the past year, in review, there have been many challenges of course. COVID continued, work was a never ending challenge to keep up with constant changes in plans, and personally, we lost my father in law unexpectedly. Top 10 wins of 2021 I want to focus on my wins of the past […]

Baby is born… Now what?

baby is born

On top of the oodles of love, dozens of appointments, bazillions of pictures, stress and sleepless nights, what are the things you need to do now in terms of paper work, registrations, and RESP’s once baby is born? In Ontario, Service Ontario has a bundle arrangement where you can get all the things you need […]

Learnings from an unexpected loss in the family

loss in the family

Last year we tragically and unexpectedly lost a close family member, my father in law. As tough as it is for anyone to deal with a loss in the family, there are so many tasks that need to be done, logistically speaking, after someone passes away. Someone needs to make arrangements, update accounts and apply […]

ETF’s vs Stocks

ETFs vs stocks

Want to start investing, but turned off by the high cost of the top stocks? You are not alone! What if I told you you could own shares in Google, Amazon, and other top name companies. And that you could buy them for much less than the individual share price. You can! No, its not […]

Selling our home in a Pandemic

Well, We did it!! We sold our Condo! Selling our home in a pandemic was not easy. But I think it was the right decision for us at the time. Why did we decide to sell? 1. Mortgage was coming up for renewal, seemed like a good time to try.2. We are in a high […]

Unpopular opinion

Bank Rates Bank rates that should be charged are interest they should be paying me, not fees they should be charging me. This is the reason why I use an online bank. They actually pay YOU for the right to use your money. Brick and mortar traditional banks are typically good investments, and are often […]

Learning about Money

What is the earliest memory you have when it comes to learning about money? I have a picture of me and my brother running a lemonade stand on my front lawn around 1st grade. I remember getting my first bank account at Bank of Montreal when I was 12 or 13. I also learned how […]

My Experience using a Robo Advisor

robo advisor

What is a Robo Advisor? A Robo advisor is an investing service which relies on algorithms to build a portfolio for you based on your risk tolerance and investment time horizon. There are no individual humans picking the funds for you, so there is lower cost, and its very easy to use for beginner investors. […]

Welcome to Canadian Budget!

canadian budget

Around Christmas 2019, before the Pandemic hit, I decided to start an instagram account on budgeting and finance! After starting the instagram, I wanted to have a place to learn and expand on topics in more depth, so, Canadian Budget was born. My motivation for starting Canadian Budget I love tracking my monthly spending and […]

What are you worth?

Net worth

No, this isn’t a hypothetical or philosophical question. Have you ever actually sat down and calculated your net worth? To know where you are going, you have to know where you are starting from! What is net worth? Net worth is a simple calculation that give you a dollar number representing the value of your […]