How to Level Up Your Budget

level up your budget

We have all heard the saying, you can’t track what you don’t measure, so how do we know how well we are doing on our budgeting goals if we aren’t tracking it well??  Here are a few tips to level up your budget! It’s not enough to just set a budget at the beginning of […]

Why Debt Avalanche is Underrated

Debt Avalanche

Paying down debt is a really important step in everyone’s finance journey. When it comes to well known debt repayment strategies, Debt Snowball gets the most press. But have you heard of the Debt Avalanche, Snowball’s less sexy cousin? He actually has a great personality and will help you pay less in interest over time. […]

What are you worth?

Net worth

No, this isn’t a hypothetical or philosophical question. Have you ever actually sat down and calculated your net worth? To know where you are going, you have to know where you are starting from! What is net worth? Net worth is a simple calculation that give you a dollar number representing the value of your […]