A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad you are here! 

I am a personal finance writer, speaker and the founder of Canadianbudget.ca. I focus on financial literacy for women and public sector employees. I am a budgeting-obsessed millennial from Toronto, Canada and a mom to a beautiful daughter with my amazing husband.

Throughout my life, I have learned firsthand how to pay off debt and budget to live a life you love and build wealth for the future!

About Me

Why Should You Care?

I’m not perfect, but I have a lot of financial accomplishments I am proud of! 

  • Paid off $40,000+ of Undergraduate student loans from my degree in East Asian Studies
  • Had a debt-free wedding
  • Bought a new-to-us car in cash with my husband
  • Budgeted my way to a 50% savings rate during the pandemic
  • Self-funded extended maternity leave through savings to ensure our budget wouldn’t change while on leave.
  • Graduated from my MBA program student-debt free
  • Read almost every Personal Finance Book out there
  • Turned my love of budgeting and spreadsheets into tools for you!
  • Built an investment portfolio of over 100k on a public sector salary

My Vision

About Me

Share More Canadian Financial Content

In a sea of IRA’s and 401k’s – I aim to bring the best Canadian content to the surface.

FInance and investing

Build Women's Financial Confidence

Women are capable and confident in many areas of life, but finances, not so much. I want to change this!

About Me

Get More Women Investing

Investing can be intimidating. Through financial education, writing, and courses, I aim to simplify the topic and help women gain the confidence to become investors!


Make Finance Understandable

Not only are money topics charged with emotion, but also finances can be super confusing. No Business degrees needed to understand whats happening here. 

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Freelance Writing & Speaking

Raising Generational Wealth is a Virtual Summit for busy parents. Guest Speaker:  

  • Retirement Reimagined
  • Saving for your kids without breaking your budget

Women Can Money was a virtual Personal Finance conference for Canadian women by Canadian women. Guest Speaker:

  • How to make a budget that works