About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica! A budgeting-obsessed millennial from Toronto, Canada. I am a mom to a beautiful daughter, with my amazing husband.

Through my life I have learned first hand how to pay off debt and budget with the end goal of living a life you love, and building wealth for the future!

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Why Care?

I’m not perfect, but I have a lot of financial  accomplishments I am proud of! 

  • Paid of $40,000+ of Undergraduate student loans from my degree in East Asian Studies
  • Had a debt-free wedding
  • Bought a new-to-us car in cash with my husband
  • Budgeted my way to a 50% savings rate during the pandemic
  • Self-funded extended maternity leave through savings to ensure our budget wouldn’t change while on leave.
  • Graduated from my MBA program student-debt free
  • Read dozens upon dozens of Personal Finance Books
  • Turned my love of budgeting and spreadsheets into tools for you!

My Vision

To provide Canadian women with the tools and information that will empower them to build a strong financial future!

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