Planning A Maternity Leave

Mat Leave financing

As Canadians we are very lucky there is an official parental leave policy that offers us some financial support to take time away from work to be with our babes.  You may think you don’t need to be financially funding maternity leave, because we get EI. I’m here to tell you, depending on your income, the […]

How to make and reach your money goals

Reach your goals

5 Steps to Make and Reach Your Money Goals You may be wondering what the best way is for you to make and reach your money goals.  Maybe you have been over spending, and not saving enough, and therefor are far from reaching your goals.  Or perhaps you have been saving money for the sake […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Living a Debt Free Life

debt free life guide

When the weight of your mounting debts feels like a ball a chain, you know it’s time to take proactive steps to get rid of your debt! We all take on various debts throughout our lives. Sometimes it’s for things that help us like education, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s for stupid shit we could have […]

6 ways to save that will make more room in your budget!

Make room in your budget

When you are trying to make more room in your budget usually it is to help you either pay off debt or save up for a big purchase. Saving more is one way to work toward this. The other is making more money. Today we tackle the first part – saving more! You can examine […]

What you need to know about credit scores

what you need to know about credit scores

How much do you know about what makes up your credit score? What you need to know about credit scores Here at Canadian Budget, we believe in responsible credit use. Credit cards are not inherently bad! We just need to learn how to use them responsibly and they can provide a lot of benefits. They […]

Planning for Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave

So you are expecting a baby, and now need to plan for maternity leave. Deciding how long you will be off work may depend on what coverage (if any) you may have for income while on maternity leave. How long of a maternity leave to take I live in Canada where we are entitled to […]

Why Debt Avalanche is Underrated

Debt Avalanche

Why Debt Avalanche is Underrated Paying down debt is a really important step in everyone’s finance journey and you may not know it, but Debt Avalanche is underrated for accelerating your debt payoff. When it comes to well known debt repayment strategies, Debt Snowball gets the most press. But have you heard of the Debt […]

New Year Goals!

My Goals For the New Year With a new year always comes resolutions and goals. Right now its difficult to put a finger on my financial goals since we have sold our condo and are looking for our next home before we close in March. So we don’t know exactly what our expenses for the […]

When is the right time to move?

My Husband owned the condo that we live in before I moved in and we got married. Now that there are two of us here, I work from home, and we are planning for the long term. We do need more space and want a space that can work for us for years to come. […]

Diet and Savings

As a serious coffee drinker, I didn’t think I could undertake this challenge. My husband and I decided to do a 30 day diet plan to try and shed the quarantine 15! Part of it includes cooking/prepping all meals and snacks from real whole foods, and NO CAFFEINE! First 2 days there were caffeine withdrawal […]