Making a budget you can actually stick to

Making a budget

Welcome to‘s 8 steps to making a budget and financial plan Canadians can actually stick to! You will learn all the steps required to improve your financial situation, and create a budget that is flexible and will help you meet your goals.  This is going to be one of the longest posts on this […]

Business Vs. Personal Budgeting

Business vs personal budgeting

In this article on the ins and outs of personal and business budgeting, I am pleased to welcome guest writer Anthea Austin from Clear Margin Consulting! Anthea is an accountant, bookkeeper and outsource CFO located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She works with small businesses to help them truly understand how their business is performing and […]

How to Level Up Your Budget

level up your budget

We have all heard the saying, you can’t track what you don’t measure, so how do we know how well we are doing on our budgeting goals if we aren’t tracking it well??  Here are a few tips to level up your budget! It’s not enough to just set a budget at the beginning of […]

Budgeting for Beginners

budgeting for beginners

Today I want to start with the basics of budgeting for beginners. Follow these easy steps to set up your first monthly budget to get better picture of your finances. I will walk you step by step through creating your own budget. If you prefer to grab a pre-made budget, you can find a digital […]

Getting a financial head start

financial head start

We all have resolutions and goals for the new year! Some are around fitness and health, but others can be about being smarter with your money! If managing your finances is one of your goals this year, here are some steps to give you a financial head start! Understand your expenses and debts Write down […]

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

In organizing the house for our upcoming move, hubby and I realized we had a lot of books we feel comfortable selling or donating. So I decided to get rid of them by selling on Facebook Marketplace and a few days later I made a sale! When I first moved in with my hubby, I […]

I did a thing!

Well that’s my first goal checked off the new years list! I started my first Etsy shop in order to help the Debt Free Community and build a side hustle. Printables/downloadable sheets are available to help you manage your finances and work on crushing your debts! Easy to use & simple tools to help you […]

How do you Spend and Track your money?

Are you someone whose wallet or pocket always has Cash in it? Or are you strictly plastic – whether that be debit or credit cards – for purchases? I am the latter, for two reasons: first because I find it easier to track since you don’t have to manually record receipts, and second, I get […]