2021 Year In Review

Year in Review

Looking back at the past year, in review, there have been many challenges of course. COVID continued, work was a never ending challenge to keep up with constant changes in plans, and personally, we lost my father in law unexpectedly. Top 10 wins of 2021 I want to focus on my wins of the past […]

Unpopular opinion

Bank Rates Bank rates that should be charged are interest they should be paying me, not fees they should be charging me. This is the reason why I use an online bank. They actually pay YOU for the right to use your money. Brick and mortar traditional banks are typically good investments, and are often […]

50% savings rate

savings rate

How we achieved a 50% savings rate A bit of background: We are DINK’s from Canada (Double Income No Kids). We own a condo and purchased our car outright. We have no consumer debt, only our Mortgage. We are not specifically aiming for FI/RE but I am a bit obsessed with Retirement Savings. I admit […]

7 Hidden Fees you might not realize you are paying

High Interest rates and hidden fees eat away at your hard earned savings! How can you make sure that your gains aren’t being eaten up by these hidden fees? First you need to search them out! Some may be easier than others to find. Reviewing three months worth of your bank and credit card statements should […]