Insurance Basics for Canadian Families

Here are some life insurance basics every Canadian family should know! When you’re budgeting for day-to-day life with your family, life insurance might be the last thing on your mind. It’s not fun to think about, but it’s important to have a plan in place in case the unimaginable were to happen. As a parent, […]

Five Affirmations in a Bear Market

Bear Market Affirmations

Take a deep breath … relax … exhale … repeat. Yes, there is a bear market. It’s now official, with the S&P 500 Index down more than 20%. But we’ll get you through this with some daily affirmations since it’s been shown that a positive attitude leads to a positive outcome. Here are five bear market […]

How To Get Unbiased Financial Advice

Unbiased financial Advice

In the world of finances, there is almost always quite a large knowledge imbalance between the client and the provider. So how can we try to get unbiased financial advice? How do we know if the person helping us has our best interests in mind, or is just looking to bag a commission, regardless of […]

How to invest in real estate with no down payment.

invest in real estate

Buying a home as a primary residence is usually one of the biggest purchases Canadians will make in their lives. there are various ways you can learn how to invest in real estate in Canada, even if you can’t afford a down payment. There are different options of investing for those who can afford a […]

3 Ways to Manage Money as a Couple

3 ways to manage money as a couple

Manage money as a couple As a couple gets more serious, they need to decide how they will manage their money as a couple. Key triggers for this step are normally moving in together or getting married. There are three general styles on how couples can manage their money as a pair. No matter what […]

2021 Year In Review

Year in Review

Looking back at the past year, in review, there have been many challenges of course. COVID continued, work was a never ending challenge to keep up with constant changes in plans, and personally, we lost my father in law unexpectedly. Top 10 wins of 2021 I want to focus on my wins of the past […]