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3 Simple Things To Improve Your Finances

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Getting your financial act together can be a daunting task.  If you are looking for some simple things you can do today to improve your finances, look no further. Getting better with money doesn’t have to be complex and difficult. 

Today I will cover some basic steps you can take, and easy to use tools you can use to help you improve your finances

Where is your money going?

One of the most important improvements you can make with your finances is to really understand where you money is going, and make a plan for it.

Learning how to use a budget is the best way to get a better understanding of your finances.

There are many different budgeting styles, but we recommend a zero-based budget to help improve your finances.

Improve Your Finances with a Zero-Based Budget

A Zero Based Budget is a method of budgeting wherein you assign every dollar a role. That means there is no money that is unaccounted for in your budget or accounts.  What you make equals what you budget for.

You might be thinking that you don’t want to spend everything you make.  Here is the catch – you are not “Spending” everything you make, you are assigning it a role.  That role might be to be spent, saved or invested, or it may even be to act as a buffer or cushion in your account in case you go over in a budget category.

This makes Zero Based Budgeting flexible and really helps you understand where your money is going. Another great step you take on the road to improve your finances. Without a budget, you really are lost to start. 

How to make a Zero Based Budget

Luckily I have a few tools up my sleeve that can help you with this task. You do not have to start from scratch, there are lots of great templates for budgets out there, Whether you prefer to budget on paper or with spreadsheets!

You can think about the basic concept of a zero based budget in one of two ways.

Income – savings-spending = 0


Income = Savings + Spending

Improve Your Finances: Get Debt Free

If you are carrying high interest debt like credit card debt, or auto loans, one thing you can do today to start improving your finances is to make a plan. 

Paying off debt successfully starts with a plan, and an approach. 

The two most common approaches are Debt Avalanche and Debt Snowball.  There are of course, other approaches to improve your finances by paying off debt, but these are tried and true! 

Debt Snowball is the most motivating and easiest to stick to, even though Debt Avalanche is the more logical one that will have you paying less in interest. 

Our money behaviours are rarely logical, so you do you, choose the method that works for you. 

Being able to map and plan out your payoff strategy can also be very motivating. Using a chart or spreadsheet to see your plan unfold can really help you stick to it!

Improve Your Finances By Tracking Your Progress 

Once you start to improve your finances, you will be additionally motivated if you are watching your wealth grow as you do it with simple budgeting and tracking tools!

You can do this by measuring and tracking your Net Worth. 

What is Net Worth

Net Worth is one indicator of financial health that many people track. It’s a metric that can be used to track your progress to improve your finances. 

Putting it simply…

Net Worth = What You Own – What You Owe. 

Your Net Worth can be negative or positive.   The important indicator is that over time it is becoming more positive as you pay off debt and build your savings and investments

Using a tool to track and visualize your Net Worth can be a great motivator to keep your Finances moving in the right direction! 

Find a budgeting tool that does it all

Wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize one set of tools to help you accomplish all these things? 

Master Your Finances Digital Budgeting Bundle by Canadian Budget will help you improve your finances, learn to budget, get out of debt, and track your progress toward building wealth! 

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