5 reasons you need to be investing

5 Reasons You Need To Be Investing (As A Canadian Woman)

If you’re a Canadian Woman who wants to start investing, you, my friend, are in the right place.

Before I discovered the personal finance world, I struggled with understanding how to invest and worried it was too complex for me to learn how to do it. I had so much fear about losing any money it paralyzed me from taking any action!

I felt I could never really know what account to invest in, what investments to choose, and how to manage my emotions when it came to my investments, potentially losing money!

When I realized how many other women were also struggling with learning to invest, I knew I had to find a way to help myself – and them.

Now, instead of getting frustrated, I enjoy living a consumer-debt-free life, earning regular dividends, and watching my net worth grow!

If you want to gain financial independence by building your confidence and knowledge enough to become comfortable to start investing, this course can help you, too.

Here are our top 5 reasons you need to invest as a Canadian woman!

Reason #1:  You’ll grow your wealth exponentially

The first is a concept that is so important to grasp.  It’s easy to get distracted by everything life throws at us, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to derail you, not with this easy way to learn more about how investing really works.

When you know how to take control of your finances, you’ll be able get more of the important things done, because you won’t be worrying about reaching your financial goals.

Saving money is something most people do regularly. And really kudos to anyone for living below their means and saving a bit of money each month. However, your savings account is paying you pennies, if anything, and it just isn’t going to cut it to reach large, long term goals like retirement.

So what is the answer?

You have to start investing.  Let’s take Clara and Amina for an example.

Clara and Amina both have $5,000 saved up and can contribute $100 a month going forward to their goals.

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Clara decides to save her money rather than invest it. She has a “high interest” account paying her 2% on her savings.  After 25 years, she will have $47,122 in her account.


Amina decides to invest in a broad based index fund with low management fees.  At the end of the 25 years, she will have $107,856 in her investment account.

Amina is more than $60,000 ahead of Clara, even though they have been contributing the same amount each month. Add in inflation to the mix and Clara is even more behind.

How is that even possible? That’s the magic of compound interest at work in the background growing Amina’s wealth exponentially.

This is why starting to invest is so crucial for reaching your large financial goals!

Reason #2: You’ll gain clarity on how to reach your financial goals

If you want to get somewhere, you need to know where you’re going! Once you determine your goals for investing, you can figure out a plan of action and an strategy that works best for you!

Learning how to calculate your required contributions and strategies to reach your investment goals will give you the motivation to stick to a plan! Learning what accounts you can utilize as a Canadian, and how best to put them to work for you, will put you so far ahead.

Practicing investing – even if you start with tiny sums – helps you to build confidence and competence every time you log into your investments and purchase shares.

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Reason #3: You’ll Gain Confidence

Do you suffer from feeling like you don’t know enough to start investing? You’re not alone – everyone on the planet feels like that at times, when they want to start doing something new! So don’t feel bad about it. Instead, take action! 

The fastest way to overcome this is to realize that everyone was a beginner once. You can start to learn the process, and take actionable steps to help you become more confident that you can be an investor!

You, Yes YOU, can take control of your own finances. You just need the basic concepts and understanding to take that first step. Whether its learning to budget so you can pay yourself first and have money to invest, or whether its the act of opening your first brokerage account. You can totally do it!

Taking a course like the Invest In Yourself Course for Canadian Women can help you gain a deeper understanding of investing in the stock market. You’ll feel more confident about your investing knowledge, and that will give you the motivation to keep going!

Here’s what I mean:

Lack of confidence is oftentimes due to lack of knowledge. By equipping yourself with the necessary basic understanding of the investment world, you can fill in that knowledge gap. You will know exactly what to do by following the actionable steps laid out in the course! This will help build your confidence and competence!

Reason #4: Learn to manage money on your own terms

The unfortunate truth is that if you have left all the financial decisions to a partner, at some point, you may be forced to take control of your own financial situation without the knowledge or preparation needed to do so. . The best way to make sure you are financially stable is to learn more about managing your own money on your own terms.. Even if your partner handles the finances, you can take ownership and educate yourself and take part in the financial discussions. 

In the book Bank On Yourself, I learned that the majority of women will be intentionally or unintentionally single at some point in their lives.  Women in opposite sex couples outlive their male partners, and divorce or separations do occur more frequently.  You do not want to wait until one of these two things happen to get a solid understanding of your money. Teaching yourself about money is a way to not only empower, but protect yourself as well!

The Invest In Yourself Course will enable you to do it with no judgement, and get results.

The things you learn in the course will help you take control of your finances, and empower you. 

If you’re unsure where to start, you can download our Free financial goal planner to get a head start on thinking about your financial goals. 

Reason #5:  You’ll Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rounding out the last spot in our top 5 reasons you need to be investing.: Work smarter, not harder.  You can make building your financial knowledge and wealth easier and more enjoyable when you know the right tools to use! Many Canadians don’t understand the specific uses and benefits of the various accounts available to them by no fault of their own! Learning about what tools are available in a Canadian Investors toolbelt will help you make the right choices with your money. 

Once I stopped worrying about not having enough knowledge and started taking small steps with the knowledge I did have, dealing with finances became less like work and far more enjoyable. 

And I got better results!

I have now taken a hold of my own investments, and helped many others to gain the confidence to do the same.

Take Action Now To Begin Investing

There you have it, 5 reasons you need to start investing as a Canadian woman. When we invest in ourselves with the best tools, positive and powerful results are inevitable. To get started, download our FREE resource of the top 10 investing terms all Canadians should know

If you’re ready to build your confidence around money and investing,  check out the Invest In Yourself Course. This month-long email-based course will guide you on your path to becoming an investor, including actionable steps in each email to help you get started and helpful downloads and worksheets to help you digest the course content and make progress toward your financial goals.

Invest in yourself

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