Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers to watch in 2024

Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers to watch in 2024


Learning about personal finance is a lot easier when you can consume the content in your medium of choice. For those of you who love Youtube, we bring you the list of the top 30 Canadian personal finance youtubers to watch in 2024. Adding these channels to your viewing rotation can vastly improve your knowledge in personal finance, budgeting, investing and more!


Criteria For Inclusion

My goal is to help Canadians Improve their financial literacy, so included in this list are Canadian Youtubers who have published in the last six months whose content was broad-based enough to cover personal finance topics. There may be one or two included who are not as recent, but their content was strong, so I wanted to have them even if the latest video was a little older than six months. 

I have grouped the Youtube channels into three main categories so you can select from the group you find most appealing. 

Personal Finance YouTube Channels   –  Investing YouTube Channels –   Budgeting & Spending Diary YouTube Channels

Let’s Dive Into The List of Canadian YouTubers

I am so excited to share the list of Canadian personal finance Youtubers to watch.  I am sure you can find someone who speaks to your interests and can help you improve your financial literacy. Scroll to the section you are most interested in to get some great new channels to watch.

Personal Finance YouTube Channels

Canadian personal finance youtubers Stef & Den

Steph and Den
Subscribers: 95.2K subscribers
Year started: 2019

Steph and Den are familiar faces to anyone on Instagram and TikTok. I got to know them from their short-form content on IG, and I’m interested in seeing how they translate their content into longer forms on their personal finance YouTube channel.

Preet Bannerjee

Subscribers: 121K subscribers
Year started: 2008

Preet Banerjee is a regular contributor in the media, an author, blogger, and all-round personal finance expert. You will definitely learn a lot from his videos, so give him a watch!


Subscribers: 28.9K subscribers
Year started: 2020

You can find Reni on a number of platforms. On this – Reni’s personal channel – you can find a mix of finance,  career and lifestyle content.

Don’t go Broke Trying

Subscribers: 1.15K subscribers
Year started: 2023

Hosted by Reni of xoReni. This Youtube channel is the video version of the Don’t Go Broke Trying Podcast.  Don’t go broke Trying covers different topics in each episode, with a guest discussing what they would do in certain situations. Often doing “Am I The A**Hole” discussions to get different perspectives on financial situations. 

Don't go Broke Trying Youtube Channel

Cheap Guy Rahul 

Subscribers: 31.4K subscribers
Year started: 2021

Rahul has huge followings on TikTok and Instagram (250k+ on both) and is a master of short-form content; you can now watch him on a longer format platform here on Youtube. 


Subscribers: 4.49K subscribers
Year started: 2013

Personal finance, money, banking and more for Canadians from Moneysense Magazine. 

Living in Canada

Subscribers: 18.5K subscribers
Year started:

This channel shares tips on getting ahead financially in Canada while enjoying life here.

Newbie Canadian

Subscribers: 13.1K subscribers
Year started: 2023

The Newbie Canadian Channel aims to help and inspire new immigrants to Canada and help them understand their finances and life in Canada. 

Charlee Wayne Youtube Channel

Neo Credit Promo

Charlee Wayne

Subscribers: 34.3K subscribers
Year started: 2019

Charlee is “your average blue-collar worker that grew up poor and wasn’t taught anything about money.” Chronicling his journey to wealth and financial freedom, and sharing financial literacy along the way.

Debt Free In 30

Subscribers: 13K subscribers
Year started: 2018

This channel focuses on all aspects of Debt. The host, Doug Hoyes, is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Consumer Proposal Administrator and Credit Counsellor – a great resource if you struggle with debt. 

How To Adult School

Subscribers: 1.72K subscribers
Year started: 2021

Cory brings you fantastic, easy-to-understand videos on financial literacy topics to help you get better with money. Basically, everything we all wished we really got taught in school! 


Subscribers: 45.9K subscribers
Year started: 2018

Bisola Tijani is a Toronto-based creator who brings you Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle content. 

Jessica Moorhouse 

Subscribers: 24.2K subscribers
Year started: 2016

A leading voice among Canadian personal finance podcasts, with over 3.5 million downloads. She is a personal finance expert, an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada, and an upcoming author. Between her podcast and Youtube channel, you have plenty of content to choose from!

Wealthawesome – Christopher Liew

Subscribers: 13.6K subscribers
Year started: 2020

Although it has been a while since there was a new video on this channel – it has lots of content that is great for beginners and on broad personal finance topics as well. Christopher was living the digital nomad lifestyle, so there’s some great content on travel and work.

Gabrielle Talks Money

Subscribers: 50.2K subscribers
Year started: 2022

Gabrielle is a CPA specializing in tax, a former Big 4 accounting employee, sharing her journey to financial freedom! Her focus is on sharing business finance tips for Canadians to improve their financial know-how.

New Money Nate

Subscribers: 5.85K subscribers
Year started: 2022

Nate also has a huge audience on other platforms and is now making his foray into longer-form content on Youtube. With over 767K On TikTok and 123K On Instagram, he commands a lot of attention.  Much of the content on his Youtube channel so far focuses on the best credit cards for Canadians, Mistakes and lessons to improve your financial literacy.

Canadian Investing Youtubers

The Plain Bagel

Subscribers: 815K subscribers
Year started: 2017

It is a fantastic channel for interesting takes on finance and economic news stories and videos about personal finance. With a huge following on Youtube, Richard Coffin, a CFA and CFP professional, is helping Canadians and people worldwide improve their financial literacy!

Ben Felix – Common Sense Investing

Subscribers: 332K subscribers
Year started: 2017

Ben is a portfolio manager sharing content on financial literacy and investment knowledge for Canadians. Mainly focuses on investing topics, but broad financial concepts are touched on, and the channel and Ben’s videos are well-done and engaging.  You can also find Ben’s podcast Rational Reminder in our top Canadian Financial Podcasts list.

Financial Nirvana Mama

Subscribers: 15.9K subscribers
Year started: 2014

Tracy focuses on stocks and real estate investing on her channel. Her target audience is Canadian DIY investors, business owners or professionals interested in growing wealth through investing and real estate. 

Griffin Milks 

Subscribers: 102K subscribers
Year started: 2018

Griffin is a  stock market and real estate investor sharing personal finance tips and insights in high-quality videos with easy-to-understand language. 

Beavis Wealth

Subscribers: 210K subscribers
Year started: 2017

This channel has the Father-son duo of Marc and Brandon Beavis – Formerly called Brandon Beavis Investing, they recently recently rebranded to Beavis Wealth. Brandon is also the Chief Marketing Officer at Blossom– the Social Investing App – Read our review of Blossom!

paying yourself first

Canadian In a T-Shirt – Adrian Bar

Subscribers: 146K subscribers
Year started: 2019

Adrian Bar is one of the well known faces in the Canadian personal finance space. His channel covers both the basics of personal finance concepts, as well as more advanced investing concepts. His engaging videos will keep you entertained, and help you learn important things along the way!

Daniel Pronk

Subscribers: 213K subscribers
Year started: 2019

Daniel has an investing-focused channel that dives deep into individual stocks and provides his analysis. 

Daniel is also the owner of a stock analysis platform called Stock Unlock. Stock Unlock offers in-depth and useful portfolio trackers, allowing you to track and analyze your portfolio easily. Claim your Free Month of Stock Unlock by using our exclusive referral link.

Stock Unlock

Simply Investing 

Subscribers: 39.8K subscribers
Year started: 2011

Kanwal Sarai provides easy-to-understand overviews of investing, specifically focused on dividend investing.  If you are interested in learning more about dividend investing, you have to watch. 

Humbled Trader – Shay Huang

Subscribers: 1.13 Million🎉
Year started: 2019

Shay is a full-time Day Trader with 1.13 million followers. If you want to learn about what day trading is all about, give her a watch! I like that she provides a realistic and transparent view of what day trading is like, unlike many others in this area online that only show the positive side of day trading. Shay has the largest following of all the Canadian youtubers on our list. 

Canadian Budgeting & Spending Diary Youtubers

Ohh You Budget

Subscribers: 1.73K subscribers
Year started: 2022

Deidre from OhhYouBudget has amazing video editing skills, which make her videos super engaging! Watching her budgeting & spending diaries is so entertaining, especially since she has a high income and Extreme savings goals! She is also a card spender which is more uncommon in this niche. 

You can also catch her guest post on our blog  – What a Budget is and is not!

Zoe Pritchard

Subscribers: 51.4K subscribers
Year started: 2019

A Montreal based budgeting & Spending Diaries channel- Zoe follows a cash envelope budgeting model.

Which Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers did we miss?

It takes a lot of work to bring quality content consistently to an audience. Kudos to all of these creators for putting in the hard work to share their passion for finances with the world through their personal finance YouTube channels. I am so happy to share more Canadian personal finance YouTubers who are creating great Canada-specific content with you. 

I am sure we missed some great Canadian YouTubers’ accounts; if we missed your favourite Canadian personal finance YouTubers, comment below so we can check them out and include them next time! 

Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers 

All of these content creators have something you can learn! Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers are bringing much-needed transparency and financial literacy education to Canadians! Share some of these Canadian YouTubers channels with your friends who could use a bit more financial literacy in their lives! 

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  1. That’s a great list, but I think it would benefit from another category: Decumulation i.e. how best to extract all that money and make it last through to your last days. It’s usually more complicated than budgeting and investing. Also, knowing how the money will be best drawn-down is crucial to knowing which account you should be investing it.

      1. Yes, below are a few examples. They are all from financial planners, but as you’ll see, getting the withdrawal strategy right, requires a fair amount of computation. I built my own retirement income plan in Excel, and it has taken many hundreds of hours to assemble as all the tax and benefit regulations need to be accounted for.

        – PlanEasy

        – Parallel Wealth

        – Atlantis Financial Inc

        The last one hasn’t been updated for a while , but the examples are wide-ranging and well presented.

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