Best Canadian Personal Finance podcasts for 2024

Best Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts for 2024

Improve Your Financial Literacy with Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts

Getting better with money is likely on everyone’s to-do list, but finding ways to improve your financial literacy can be time-consuming and difficult.

Canadian personal finance podcasts are an easy way to consume content to help you improve your financial literacy while going about your everyday life. The best podcasts for finance will not only give you information in an easy to understand way, they will also give you actionable steps you can take to move forward and improve your finances. 

Canadian personal finance podcasts can help you transform your mindset and knowledge of money management and will speak to you in terms you can understand as a Canadian! One of the reasons podcasts are such an attractive way to work on your financial literacy is that they are so accessible. 

You can do other things while you listen: Pop your headphones in while you walk somewhere or put on an episode in the car. What could be easier? 

As a Canadian looking for personal finance information online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of content. The problem is most of it is coming out of America, and we need a unique Canadian approach to help us understand our finances here in Canada. 

This platform exists to spread more Canadian personal finance content to more Canadians! I’m doing that today by sharing the 16 best Canadian finance podcasts you should listen to to get better with money. 

As November is also Financial Literacy Month in Canada, sharing some great options to broaden your listening horizons is essential! Whether you are trying to make a budget you can stick to or learn to invest, there is something here for everyone to learn from these great Canadian personal finance podcasts.


Best Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts

Criteria for Inclusion

Podcasting is an area where you find a lot of players popping up and starting – but a good majority of them do not continue. I am focusing on Canadian personal finance podcasts that are recent and/or have been airing within the last four months.

I was tired of finding articles listing the best podcasts in Canada, only to see the last episode of the podcast was in 2019. I focused on recency as well as looking for topics that were general enough that most people would gain something from listening

There may be many more Canadian personal finance podcasts focusing on niche subjects; however, this list covers the podcast that will give you the most bang for your buck regarding personal finance and financial literacy. So, here is my list of the best podcasts for finance in 2024. 

16 Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts to listen to in 2024

The More Money Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse has been podcasting since 2015 and is a leading voice among Canadian personal finance podcasts, with over 3.5 million downloads. She is a personal finance expert, an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada, and an upcoming author. With over 370 episodes with tons of amazing guests,  you have plenty of content to choose from!

Money Feels – Alyssa Davies & Bridget Casey

Alyssa Davies & Bridget Casey are two great voices in Personal Finance for Millennials. The shame-free podcast to help you feel better about how your money feels! This podcast began in 2022, and is going strong. I highly recommend you give it a listen! You can also find Alyssa’s books in the Top 14 Personal Finance Books written by Canadian Women.

Stress Test 

Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw from the Globe and Mail host Stress Test. With eight seasons of the Globe’s personal finance podcast focused on Gen Z and millennial audiences. Rob Carrick is one of the only reasons I subscribe to the Globe and Mail! Definitely worth a listen to the podcast, and check out his writing too!

Young Money with Tracy Bissett

Tracy gives you “the stuff you millionaires in the making need to know to kick start or propel you on your financial fitness journey.” Tracy has over 300 episodes and keeps them coming out weekly for you!

$hmoney Radio

Anastasia Barbuzzi “makes financial literacy approachable, attainable, and fun to talk about for millennial women. An open, inclusive, and judgment-free zone that promotes the idea of educating yourself to empower yourself, $HMONEY is a safe place to discuss money matters without guilt or shame.”

Canadian Money Roadmap 

Evan Neufield is a Certified Financial Planner® and Investment Advisor who publishes a weekly podcast to help Canadians make smart money choices. Look out for the podcast every Wednesday.

Get the Hell Out of Debt

Erin Skye Kelly, author of Get the Hell Out Of Debt, and Naked Money Meetings brings us the Get The Hell Out of Debt Podcast to help people get better with money and change their financial futures in the process!

Build Wealth Canada

With over a million downloads, Build Wealth Canada by Kornel Szrejber is one of the most listened-to Canadian Finance Podcasts. They publish one to two new episodes per month.


Bruce Sellery is a frequent contributor to the media as a personal finance expert and the CEO of Credit Canada. The Moolala Podcast and Bruce are “… on a mission to inspire people to get a better handle on their money so they can live the life they want.”

The Money Saver Podcast

Canadian Money Saver has published a physical and digital magazine for decades. They started their podcast in 2018 and have been interviewing leaders in personal finance and investing, bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs.

The Money Dad Podcast 

Justin Chung hosts this weekly podcast dedicated to helping you raise money smart kids. If you are a parent, you need to check this one out! With 48 episodes so far Justin has a variety of guests who discuss various money topics for parents. 

Retirement Planning Simplified

Joseph Curry, CFP Professional and retirement planning specialist helps you learn how to simplify your retirement planning. Joe graciously provided some advice recently on our Pensions for Millennials article! 

Rational Reminder

The podcast is hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore  Ben and Cameron are Portfolio Managers at PWL Capital who want you to become a more rational investor! They discuss topics related to personal finance, investing, behavior, and financial markets 

Simply Investing Dividend Podcast – Kanwal Sarai

Do you love dividends, or want to learn more about Dividend investing? Kanwal is your man! Check out the Simply Investing Podcast to learn more about dividend investing.

TLDR By Wealthsimple

The Wealthsimple Newsletter we know and love has launched a podcast! It is definitely worth checking out! The TLDR podcast is 

The Canadian Investor Podcast

Its all in the title, if you are a Canadian Investor, you should consider checking out this podcast by Braden Dennis and Simon Belangier. If you are interested in learning about stocks and investing strategies, this may be the one for you. 

Choose Your Personal Finance Content Format

There are many different ways you could learn about personal finance. One of the amazing  Canadian personal finance podcasts listed above definitely has something for you. You can also check out our list of Best Finance books if reading is more your thing!. But if podcasts are just not your thing, don’t worry. There are different ways to consume personal finance content. 

If books are more your thing, you can check out the Top 14 Personal Finance Books written by Canadian Women. Or our most recent 40 Best Canadian Personal Finance books. 

Are you looking for some Canadian Youtuber recommendations that cater to a Canadian audience? We also have some great recommendations if you prefer Canadian Finance Youtubers instead of Canadian podcasts.

Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts We Missed

While this list is not exhaustive, it’s a great starting point to add a bit of money talk to your rotation!

I’d love to see more women and BIPOC personalities lending their voices to the Canadian personal finance podcast space as well!  Did we miss your favourite Canadian personal finance podcast?

Leave us a comment below to let us know which Canadian personal Finance podcast we should add to next year’s list!  Share your favourites, and let others know why they should listen! 

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