What is moomoo? The moomoo trading platform now available in Canada

what is moomoo trading

Moomoo Financial Canada is a trading platform where you can invest in the stock market. They started in 2018 in Silicon Valley and have since exploded worldwide. They have over 21 million users worldwide. The moomoo trading platform is now available to Canadians in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec to open an account.

Achieving Affordable Rent In Toronto: 3 reasons to pay rent with a credit card

Achieving affordable rent in Toronto - Feature image

This blog post is sponsored by Chexy. Achieving Affordable Rent in Toronto: 3 reasons to pay rent with a credit card If you have been on the hunt for affordable rent in Toronto, you have probably been struggling to not only find a place but make the rent fit within your budget.  We will discuss […]

Blossom Social Investing App: Review

Blossom Social app Review

Blossom Social App: Review Understanding The Blossom Social Investing App The Blossom Social app is a specialized mobile-only application designed specifically for Canadians who are interested in investing. It’s a space where these individuals can come together, communicate, and exchange ideas about investing. Unlike regular social media sites, Blossom Social focuses solely on financial matters, […]

Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers to watch in 2024

Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers to watch in 2024

30 Best Canadian Personal Finance Youtubers to Watch in 2024 Introduction Learning about personal finance is a lot easier when you can consume the content in your medium of choice. For those of you who love Youtube, we bring you the list of the top 30 Canadian personal finance youtubers to watch in 2024. Adding […]

40 Best Canadian Personal Finance Books

40 Best Personal Finance Books in Canada

Your Ultimate List of The 40 Best Canadian Personal Finance Books Are you tired of reading American books and trying to translate what they mean into Canadian financial account types and rules or wading through information that doesn’t apply to you as a Canadian? Canadian Personal Finance books are out there, and this post will […]

Financial Literacy For Kids

Financial Literacy for kids

Financial Literacy for Kids: Kid friendly resources to set your children up for success In a world where financial literacy is becoming increasingly essential, teaching kids money concepts early in their lives is a powerful tool that can shape their financial futures. Just think about your financial situation today and how much better off you […]

Best Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts for 2024

Best Canadian Personal Finance podcasts for 2024

Best Canadian Finance Podcasts to listen to in 2024 Improve Your Financial Literacy with Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts Getting better with money is likely on everyone’s to-do list, but finding ways to improve your financial literacy can be time-consuming and difficult.  Canadian personal Finance podcasts are an easy way to consume content to help you […]